Project Description


We are at the side of our customers 24 hours a day through consulting, design, works management and emergency management of electrical and fire systems.

Our technical department is dedicated to the design and certification of electrical systems, fire extinguishers and electrical panels.

It has CAD stations and specific software for the design of auxiliary electrical circuits and power point of reference for the organization of teams.



  • Design of electrical installations for energy distribution according to CEI 64-8/8-1
  • Design of medium/low voltage electric cabins CEI EN (61936-1 50522 99-4 99-5)
  • Electrocution risk analysis and design of protection systems against atmospheric discharges CEI EN 62305
  • Design of indoor and outdoor lighting systems UNI EN 12464-1 and 12464-2
  • Design of safety lighting systems UNI EN 1838
  • Design of electrical construction plant
  • Design of power factor correction and control systems
  • Assessment of the factual status of existing plants for the preparation of compliance declarations in accordance with Ministerial Decree 37/08
  • Definition of maintenance plans for electrical installations and consultancy for the proper management of corporate electrical installations


  • Inspections and technical surveys to assess fire risk
  • Identification of fire prevention activities, additional risk centres in areas
  • Preparation of fire-fighting technical documentation according to decree of 7 August 2012
  • Preparation of the fire protection project for the request of project evaluation by the Provincial Fire Department to obtain the prior opinion for activities cat. B and C
  • Drafting of SCIA for ABC activities
  • Assistance until SCIA or ICC request to VVF Command
  • Support during VVF verification visit


  • Technical assistance guaranteed at 24, 7 days a week;

  • Technical assistance contracts for the execution of preventive scheduled maintenance of both electrical and fire-fighting systems;

  • Fire Prevention Consultancy for the release and renewal of the ICC;

  • Technical and commercial assistance;

  • Mobile workshops equipped for emergency technical interventions.



The qualitative objectives represent the main factors for the company “Frascarelli Group” and they are realized through choices taken both in the design and in the realization of electrical and fire protection systems .

All the organization of the company, from the design to the choice of raw materials, from the production to the internal administrative-commercial management, from the installation and realization of the systems, to the technical assistance, meets the highest quality standards and is constantly committed to exceed the level of excellence achieved.

We operate according to quality criteria certified by UNI EN ISO 9001 2015 and we have certification for the installation and maintenance of plants containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.

We are entitled to issue plant certifications pursuant to DM 37/2008, letters A, B, C, D, E, G, applying the rules, laws and guidelines related to your activity.


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+39 0864 251205


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